Friday the 25th, afternoon: Played Carcassonne with Laura, Kam, and Naomi. Evening: Dinner at newish upscale Indian place in Mountain View with Bruce and Sarah and Simon. (I think I've known Bruce and Sarah for over 25 years now.)

Saturday the 26th: Lunch with Mary Anne; afternoon playing boardgames with her and assorted friends of hers (was surprised to see a colleague of mine there; small world). Evening: hanging out with Kat et alia at Kam's.

Sunday the 27th: Dinner party for Mary Anne at my place. Potluck, so M didn't have to spend all day cooking; and the cleaners had cleaned my place a few days earlier, so I didn't have to spend all day cleaning. But still took quite a bit of social energy.

Monday the 28th: After work, hung out with David M. Mary Anne recently recommended Pamela Dean's book The Secret Country to me (I haven't yet read any Dean, not even Tam Lin), and it appears to be out of print, so David and I stopped by the used bookstore in downtown MV after dinner—and ran into Diana S and Simran. So we wandered back to my house and chatted for the next few hours.

(This morning, I considered starting this entry with "David and I met two cute girls at the bookstore last night and convinced them to come back to my place with us," but in the sober light of evening I see that perhaps that wasn't the best possible way to put it.)

Today: Slept poorly, woke up groggy, dozed for a couple hours, turned on phone, immediately got call from Mary Anne inviting David and me to join her for lunch and reading/writing/working in a cafe in Los Gatos. Which we did; I would've been twitchy about doing day-job work in a public space, but I had stuff to do that mostly involved reading public web pages, so that was fine.

Was going to go see Jay & Holly this evening, but Jay's fighting off a cold and I'm exhausted anyway. So a quiet evening at home alone for me, after five days of more or less nonstop socializing.

As usual, it's been great to see everyone, but as usual, I really need some non-social downtime.

Tomorrow evening: Possibly seeing Jay & Holly. Thursday: New Year's Eve party. Friday: Possibly attending New Year's Day party in East Bay. Though by that point I may need to just hide in my room all day.

(Added later: It may be simpler than usual to hide at home, given that I have enough leftovers at this point for about a week's worth of meals.)

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