Twitterquoting iTunes, part 2

Continuing from the previous entry:

Monday brought my favorite Si Kahn song:

From this love, the space to grow in;

From these friends, the will to fight;

From this peace, the strength to journey

When the shore is out of sight.

—Si Kahn, "When the Shore Is Out of Sight" (11:46 AM Feb 15th)

And then some comic opera:

[Katisha:] Volcanoes have a splendour that is grim,

And earthquakes only terrify the dolts,

But to him who's scientific there is nothing that's terrific in the falling of a flight of thunderbolts!

[Ko-Ko:] Yes, in spite of all my meekness, if I have a little weakness, it's a passion for a flight of thunderbolts!

[Both:] If that is so, sing derry-down-derry, it's evident, very, our tastes are one;

Away we'll go and merrily marry, nor tardily tarry 'til day is done.

—Gilbert & Sullivan, The Mikado, "There is beauty in the bellow of the blast" (12:02 PM Feb 15th)

When I was a kid, listening to an audio recording, I thought that song was romantic. When I finally saw a production of the show (possibly a Stanford Savoyards production, not sure), I was outraged that Ko-Ko sang it sarcastically; I thought they were ruining a nice love song. But my mother (who was the one who introduced me to G&S) told me that was how it was usually performed. I do see now that it's not intended to be serious, and that it's in keeping with the unpleasant treatment accorded to Katisha throughout the show; but it's still a fun song to sing.


I met this guy

And he looked like he might've been a hat check clerk at an ice rink,

Which, in fact, he turned out to be.

And I said, "Oh boy. Right . . . again."

—Laurie Anderson, "Let X=X" (12:10 PM Feb 15th)

A couple days later, I couldn't resist slipping in one non-song quotation:

It did occur to me that the effect of good literature may be as dizzying as that of alcohol.

—Pamela Dean, Tam Lin (12:17 AM Feb 17th)

That evening, still more of the giving-each-other-strength theme from earlier:

Sometimes two legs

Simply can't hold us;

Sometimes two arms

Are simply too weak.

Lay it all down

When you can't hold it;

Let your life carry you

Like a boat on the sea.

—Libby Roderick, "Lay It All Down" (6:47 PM Feb 17th)

And a couple days later, more romance:

Dance a little closer to me;

Dance a little closer now;

Dance a little closer tonight.

Dance a little closer to me;

Hey, it's closing time, and love's on sale

Tonight at this five and dime.

—Nanci Griffith, "Love at the Five and Dime" (8:49 PM Feb 19th)

After which I had to also post my favorite part from her spoken-word intro to that song:

Woolworth stores [...] have this wonderful smell to them; they smell like popcorn and chewing gum rubbed around on the bottom of a leather-soled shoe. The first time we went to Europe, we landed in London, and we were driving through central London, and we came around a corner and by golly there was a Woolworth store. And I wanted them to stop the car and let me out so I could go fill up my suitcase with unnecessary plastic objects.

—Nanci Griffith, intro to "Love at the Five and Dime" (8:51 PM Feb 19th)

Which made an oddly relevant segue into the next song that came on, which I wished I had thought to quote last summer or the summer before, during my whirlwind rounds of travel travel travel:

Unpack the luggage, la la la,

Pack up the luggage, la la la,

Unpack the luggage, la la la,

Hi-ho, the glamorous life!

—Sondheim, A Little Night Music, "The Glamorous Life" (8:58 PM Feb 19th)

Finally, last night one of my very favorite songs in the world came on:

525,600 minutes;

525,000 moments so dear;

525,600 minutes;

How do you measure, measure a year?

In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee;

In inches, in miles, in laughter and strife.

In 525,600 minutes;

How do you measure a year in the life?

Rent, "Seasons of Love"

I'm not really sure what led me to start doing these lyrics-postings; it feels a little silly, especially because lyrics so rarely work without music. But people have been responding to the posts, mostly on Facebook, and I've been enjoying that.

Remains to be seen whether I'll keep doing this; probably the answer is "only once in a while."

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