Disney-songs deathmatch, day 22

Miggy's Disney-songs tournament proceeds apace. Do you care which Disney song gets declared the best of all time? Then go vote! (Click the image to see all her posts tagged "disney songs.")

Some background:

Miggy started with a list of about a hundred songs for people to pick among as contestants. That first pick narrowed the list down to sixty-four, which she paired off in tournament-seeding style. (I'd always wondered what "seeding" meant and how it worked; this competition finally got me to go look it up.) So the tournament started with thirty-two pairs of songs, with readers getting to vote on which one of each pair they liked best.

After that, of course, there was another round of sixteen pairwise votes. So, as the current bracket (coded in HTML and CSS! Nifty!) shows, there are now only sixteen songs left.

I've been meaning to post about it all along, but I keep forgetting. And I was too sad when two of my three favorite Disney songs were eliminated in the first round. But there are still plenty of difficult choices left to be made: fifteen more rounds of voting to go.

Though most of the songs left in competition are from The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, or Beauty and the Beast, so if you don't like the songs from those movies, you may be disappointed. Luckily for me, I do.

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