Ready to start my day

I went back to bed a little after noon today—and spent the next hour and a half unable to fall asleep because my feet were cold.

It was the middle of a not-terribly-cold day. I was under three blankets. This should not have been a problem.

I tried various approaches. Finally around 1:30 I got up and did what I should've done from the start: put my feet in hot water for a little bit to warm them up. (Thanks to Cat F for suggesting this years ago.) Then put on socks and slippers and went back to bed, and fell asleep.

Woke up a little after 4 p.m., feeling much better.

Spent the rest of the evening on administrative stuff, email, etc. Tried playing DDR for a bit, but it was one of those days when I feel certain that I'm stepping on the right arrows at the right times but the game says I'm not; it got too frustrating after a while, so I stopped.

And now here it is quarter past eleven at night, and I sort of feel like I've gotten all my morning stuff out of the way and can settle down to start my day.

Time to read some subs, maybe do tax stuff, get to work on my to-do list. Hoping I won't be too awake to fall asleep at a reasonable hour tonight and get back to a vaguely reasonable schedule tomorrow.

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