Not the best week ever

Spent the week kind of wandering around in a daze. Recovered my usual sleep patterns after Monday, but never really recovered my equilibrium.

Did feel a bit better Tuesday than Monday, and a bit better Wednesday than Tuesday. Got some stuff done at work, though not the most important stuff.

There have been a lot of sudden changes of plan these past couple weeks. I'm always a little change-resistant, but have been coping even less well with change than usual lately.

At some point, I watched The Pink Panther (the first movie), which despite a few fun lines was not my cup of tea. Also watched the final episode of season one of White Collar, which I'll post about sooner or later—it wasn't nearly as good as the pilot, but was better than most of the other episodes this season.

And then yesterday evening I found out about the recent sudden death of a colleague who I liked but didn't know well. But I can't find a way to write about this that doesn't make it sound like it's all about me, when obviously his friends and family are having a much worse week than I am. So I'm not going into any detail, but it also feels weird to not mention it at all. (And it felt even weirder when I tried to pull this paragraph out into an entry of its own.) Suffice it to say I was shocked and saddened at the news.

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  1. Tom Galloway

    By colleague, do you mean work? If so, if you think I’d also know him, could you drop me a line with his name? Thanks.


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