Happy birthday to my co-birthdayites Jessica E and David H and Theo P and Wendy B!

And thanks to everyone who's posted happy-birthdays to me on Twitter and Facebook, and in email and by phone and even in person. Someone recently remarked that they didn't like getting brief nonsubstantive birthday greetings on Facebook, but I love it; makes me happy to see all those notes, regardless of substantiveness levels.

Haven't done anything super special so far today. Have been sitting around the house and poking around online; have had a couple phone calls; am watching a FlashForward episode. There are many things that I ought to do this weekend, but I think I'm not gonna do most of 'em.

In a couple hours, Kam will come over and we'll go off to Ethiopian food for dinner. A couple of weeks ago, I briefly contemplated having a birthday party today, but decided against it; the house still isn't really ready for a party. Maybe next year.

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