Attended Lola & Jay's lovely and enjoyable wedding this afternoon. Lola danced up the aisle to "Whatever Lola Wants" from Damn Yankees; her brother officiated, starting with a heartfelt and entertaining appreciation of the couple; great ceremony (I know weddings are a very solemn occasion for lots of people, and that's great too, but I'm always delighted when there's a sense of fun at a wedding); a bunch of cool people among the attendees.

After the ceremony, there were several really nice toasts from family and friends, then a lunch/reception, then dancing. I chatted with Ray E a bit (he's nearly seven! Time flies!) as he played with a decorative fountain in the restaurant courtyard; he explained to me that water is made up of tiny transparent birds, probably chickens.

(I wore the new suit, but what got attention was my dress earring (the blue one that Mary Anne got me a few years back, matching my tie and pocket square); when Kam and I were at a cafe down the block before the wedding, I was standing in line and someone behind me said, "That earring looks good on you." Because of the "on you," I assumed it was someone I knew, so I turned to say hi, but found two strangers. I said thanks. They noticed it matched the tie, and one asked, "Do you always match your ties?" I had to explain that I don't normally wear a tie.)

There were bubbles blown (I hadn't encountered this wedding tradition before a couple weeks ago, but I like it), and a cake-server in the shape of a high-heeled shoe, and all manner of niftiness.

Anyway, good wedding, and the bride and groom looked happy through and through. Congratulations again!

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  1. Will Q

    Someday you may look back at this wedding with a nostalgic fondness for the days when wedding officiants were human:


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