I think I’ve ordered an iPhone 4

Kept trying the iPhone preorder process now and then all day. It kept timing out for most of the day. I gather that there were many problems all over the place, apparently mostly due to AT&T's servers being unprepared to handle the load. Though Apple's servers also didn't seem to be doing so well; I also couldn't reserve a phone to be held in the store to be picked up on the 24th.

Sometime midafternoon I managed to get through the reservation process, so they'll be holding an iPhone for me in the Palo Alto Apple Store for launch day.

But I'd rather have it delivered to my home; I suspect launch day will involve long lines at the stores. So I kept trying the preorder system.

And finally, in the early evening, the order went through. Only it didn't send me a confirmation email, and I couldn't get into my Apple account to check order status, and there had been reports of orders saying they'd gone through but not actually going through.

But I just checked my account again, and it shows that I've ordered a phone to be delivered to me on June 24. They seem to have charged me the right price and everything. And I've now received a confirmation email showing the same info. So, fingers crossed, it looks like all's well.

When I see a shipping confirmation, I'll call up the Palo Alto store and tell them not to hold the one they're holding for me.

Nine days! Exciting!

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  1. Adrian

    Great! Mind sending one to my house, too? 🙂


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