This morning, I attended a meeting wherein I heard about some interesting forthcoming projects. Later, I made some useful progress (writing Perl code to extract info from the HTML5 spec) on my main day-job project.

This afternoon, my real estate agent suggested some ways to reduce the price of the staging (I kind of got sticker shock the other day, given the cost of painting, carpeting, and furniture rental/arrangement). (Thanks to all for staging comments, btw, and especially to Mary Anne for extended discussion by phone; very helpful.) And I spent a few minutes standing outside in the shade in a cool breeze on a summer day. And Twig explained why my grass is turning brown. (Turns out grass needs water. Who knew?) And I ordered an iPhone. And SWAPA arrived. And I read some LJ and some Twitter and some Facebook. And I listened to some music that always calms me down. And I wrote a letter to a friend, trying to figure out some of the stuff I've been stressing about.

Then a certain person generously gave up their planned evening with Kam, and Kam and I had dinner together. (Hadn't seen each other in nearly three weeks, and hadn't talked much during that time.) Chicken tikka masala, raspberries, Carcassonne on the iPhone (really nicely implemented in all sorts of ways), catching up on each other's lives, snuggling.

And a friend provided a ceiling lamp that might be a good replacement for the one in my condo that the stager didn't like.

So, all in all, I'm doing significantly better than I was the other day.

(Belated thanks, btw, to all who posted comments the other day re things you do to destress.)

Still have bunches of things I need to do toward selling the condo, and plenty of magazine things, and WorldCon-related travel plans to make, and so on. But things are looking up.

Next on tonight's agenda: rewatch a Gilmore Girls episode (even just the theme song makes me happy) while entering subs into database; then sleep.

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