If you’re looking for a miracle

Peter Mayer's song “Holy Now” just came up on iTunes, the Kallet/Epstein/Cicone rendition. Lovely song. The words, of course, don't work nearly as well without the music, but here's an excerpt (and you can listen to an extended clip from Mayer's version on his website):


And I remember feeling sad

That miracles don't happen still

But now I can't keep track

’Cause everything's a miracle.

Wine from water is not so small

But an even better magic trick

Is that anything is here at all

So the challenging thing becomes

Not to look for miracles

But finding where there isn't one


Read a questioning child's face

And say it's not a testament

That'd be very hard to say

See another new morning come

And say it's not a sacrament

I tell you that it can't be done

That last bit reminds me of my favorite bit of the Nylons' version of “This Island Earth”:

If you're looking for a miracle, open your eyes:

There was one this morning just about sunrise;

Dawn came breaking like a wave on the sea,

And it's there for you and me.

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