Temporary Self-Imposed Netlessness Syndrome

This will be my last week at work before I take some time off. (I'll be taking a leave of absence, just to have some downtime and recharge.)

And I have an awful lot to get done this week.

So I think I'm gonna try to stay away from Twitter, Facebook, and blogging this week. (As a teacher of mine once wrote in a different context, “Excepting where I cannot help myself.”*)

Those things don't usually take up my day-job work time, but they do usually take up a fair bit of my non-work time, and this week I need to spend a lot of non-work time working; also, I've got a lot of magazine stuff to do in non-work time this week.

I'll likely post on Wednesday evening when there's a decision on the Prop 8 front. And I may stop by FB to say happy birthday to the zillions of birthdayites this week.

And I may find the allure of the Net too strong.

But I'm gonna try to avoid it as much as I can this week.

(* The full statement was that since my paper was late, as per her policy, she was not going to write any comments on it, “Excepting where I cannot help myself.”)

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