Next trip: Boston

My plan was originally to spend the second half of October in Boston, coming home on the 31st; I seem to recall that's a particularly nice time of year thereabouts. Then two things happened:

First, I realized that coming back from a two-week trip only to go back to work the next day (my leave of absence ends Nov. 1) was going to leave me tired and unhappy, so I decided I should come back a week before the end of the month. (Sadly, this also means I won't be going to World Fantasy, which was the other option for Halloween-weekend travel.) I briefly considered spending the middle two weeks of October in Boston, because I hate to spend less than two weeks there, but:

Second, I realized that I'd spent three of the past five weeks traveling, and that it had left me exhausted, both physically and socially, and that the whole point of this leave of absence was to give me some downtime and to relax, and that traveling for half of my remaining month off was going to stress me out.

So I decided to spend only a week in Boston after all. And then extended that week by a couple of days for various reasons.

(And btw, for once the price kept dropping as I changed plans. The one-week itinerary's airfare was over $700; adding a day brought it down to $500 (returning on Monday is much cheaper than on Sunday!); adding another day brought it down to $300. So apparently flying home from Boston on a Tuesday is the cheap way to go.)

So I now have plane tickets for a ten-day Boston trip. I'll be arriving the evening of Saturday, October 16, just under two weeks from now, and heading home the afternoon of Tuesday, October 26. Which gives me five days at home post-travel before I start work again.

So, hi, Bostonians! Unfortunately, given the shorter trip, I may not get to see everyone. But hope to see at least some of you.

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