Undercovers banter

Here's a bit of entertaining byplay from tonight's episode of Undercovers that had nothing to do with the plot.

The protagonists, Steven and Samantha, have just finished a meeting with a guy who's hiring them to do a catering job. The guy leaves, and Samantha's sister Lizzy (who works for them) comes into the room:

Lizzy: Please tell me that gorgeous guy who just left is not hiring us to cater his wedding.

Steven: Nope. Funeral. Stepfather died.

Lizzy: Oh, thank God.

Samantha: Lizzy!

Lizzy: What? It is hard to find someone these days. Whoever said online dating is easy clearly didn't have a computer.

Samantha: Maybe you need to forget about meeting someone online and get out in the world.

Lizzy: Yeah, but then I'd have to get dressed.

[During the above, they've all left the office and walked out into the catering kitchen. They walk past a white guy who works for them, who hasn't said anything notable before.]

White caterer guy: Please tell me that gorgeous guy who just left is not hiring us to cater his wedding.

Steven [to Lizzy and white guy]: You two are embarrassing!

Best casual introduction of a gay character on a mainstream show in ages.

Although it turns out the guy's name is Lance, which I think may be going just a wee tad bit too far.

I also think it's cute that some of the straight guys comment (sometimes jokingly, sometimes seriously) on Steven's appearance. Like:

Hoyt [watching Steven walk away]: Oh, that guy can really wear a suit.

He's right, too!


Leo [to Steven]: You have great skin. How often do you moisturize?

(Though that one is kind of a being-unmanly-is-bad joke.)

One last bit of dialogue, this one having nothing to do with gayness:

Lance [rhetorically]: What is sweeter than justice?

Other white cook guy: Baklava.

Anyway, the show continues to be charming and fun, and at least as sweet as baklava. There are holes in the plots, and it's certainly not Deep. But I do hope it continues.

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