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Life updates

Some assorted life updates: 15 days after my lower back started hurting, it’s feeling a lot better, though still some pain. (No advice, please.) I now have even more sympathy than usual for those of you whose back issues don’t go away. I posted my first post in the local Buy Nothing group on Facebook, […]

Coming back to Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin was one of my favorite TV shows. But in mid-2018, in season 4, there was a storyline that I found hard to watch. I thought that storyline had ended, but I was still a little tense about the show, so I paused for a while between episodes—and somehow didn’t pick it up […]

Strange New Worlds joke

During the final episode of season 2 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Kam made a joke that I really enjoyed. So I’ll tell you about it below, but it requires a little context for setup, and the context involves spoilers for the final two episodes of the season, “Subspace Rhapsody” and “Hegemony.” So I’ll […]

Spoilery unhappiness about Secret Invasion

I recently finished watching the 6-episode MCU Secret Invasion miniseries. I found it very disappointing. Unlike some people I’ve seen talking about the show, I don’t see this show as evidence that Marvel has gone irredeemably downhill, or that all MCU TV is terrible. I’ve at least somewhat liked all of the other Disney+ MCU […]

Favorite TV title sequences?

What are your favorite TV-show title sequences? (Opening and/or closing titles.) I’m primarily interested in hearing about sequences where you like the visuals; I think focusing primarily on the audio can too easily turn into “What’s your favorite TV theme song?”, which I feel like is a different question. And I’m specifically interested in hearing […]

TV: _Counterpart_

I apparently haven’t posted here about the TV show Counterpart. I watched the first episode just under a year ago. (I no longer remember how I heard about it.) I liked the first ep quite a bit, so I rewatched it with Kam, and she liked it too, and we ended up watching both 10-episode […]

Ted Lasso

The other day I saw a list of recommended Apple TV+ shows, and on the list was a show called Ted Lasso. It looked like something I would never have the slightest interest in, so I moved on. Short version of this post: I was wrong; it turns out to be a remarkable and lovely […]

On becoming an Expanse fan

Back in 2017, I watched the first five episodes of The Expanse, but bounced off of it. I was intrigued by the plot and a couple of the characters, but the show overall just didn’t grab me. I was especially put off by it being yet another TV show where the writers had apparently decided […]

State of the Jed

Things with me have been a little weird lately. I guess the main thing is that I’m having even stronger avoidance reactions than usual. It seems to me to be pretty clearly an anxiety thing, but most of the time I’m not experiencing it as the usual consciously evident fear/anxiety (though there’s been some of […]