Links: video roundup

Some videos:

  • Google Demo Slam: a contest among short videos of demos of various tech topics. The demos are fun and impressive, though they often seem to require that you already know about the feature they're demoing.
  • Super cool interactive music video: you enter your old (or current) address, and it generates film snippets to go with the music, among other things. Runs for about five minutes total; requires a lot of processor power, so you may have to shut down other applications. There's a one-minute segment toward the end where you can write a postcard to your younger self; even if you're not interested in that part, don't give up at that point, as there's more cool stuff afterward.
  • Time-lapse beard growth video. (2 min)
  • Philips looks at electronic tattoos. (3 min) “Explore the body as a platform for electronics and interactive skin technology.” Semi-NSFW.

One Response to “Links: video roundup”

  1. Tom Galloway

    Liked the signs up in the Mountain View Googleplex re: Demo Slam. Namely “You do realize that if someone from Mountain View doesn’t win Demo Slam, we’ll all have to start paying for lunch” (from memory). With a bit in small print at the bottom “Feelings were hurt in the making of this poster. That was intentional”.


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