Back at work

My leave of absence is over. Went back to work on Monday.

Spent Monday and Tuesday mostly catching up on stuff I missed while I was out, plus starting to think about my new project. Wasn't feeling great Tuesday morning; got better in time to go to work, but by midafternoon was groggy and beginning to have a sore throat. Stuck around work for the rest of the workday, went home and did some frantic last-minute research on various election things. Voted, came home, spent most of the evening watching election returns.

This morning, woke up feeling worse. Attended a meeting at work remotely, tried to get some work done, got too tired. Ended up spending most of the day in bed.

Felt a fair bit better this evening, but now the grogginess and sore throat are back.

There are all sorts of other things I've been meaning to post about here, but nothing terribly urgent or important, I think, and not awake enough now anyway. Off to sleep.

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