Busy and sick

Haven't blogged much this year. So far, I've spent the entire year sick (this is the cold that set in on the 30th, not the one I had a few weeks ago, which eventually went away, but the symptoms are the same) and swamped with magazine stuff.

In the interstices, I've also had a bunch of tech problems. My home MacBook has started dying suddenly when the battery gets low. My blog is having some weird issues. I upgraded the operating system on my work computer, and in the process of restoring my bookmarks and preferences from backup, I did a very mildly dumb thing that ran me into a serious Sophos Anti-Virus bug that wiped out all my data. Have spent a fair bit of time trying to recover the deleted file, but it seems unlikely at this point. Six years of bookmarks and preferences and such, all gone. (It was the backup that got deleted, during the process of restoring from backup.) Very frustrating.

I've also snuck in some fun stuff now and then. TV (Kam and I are a dozen episodes into the first season of Lost, and I'm watching Man from UNCLE as I enter subs into the database), a couple of movies on DVD, a little bit of pleasure reading, some video games, a couple of phone calls and meals with friends.

Oh, and I finally bought a flat-screen HDTV (will be arriving Tuesday), and will be getting a Blu-Ray player (and an Apple TV box) to go with it.

But mostly, this year so far has involved doing magazine stuff while either blowing my nose or coughing.

(But I don't mean to sound terribly beleaguered or anything. It's an annoying cold, but I've started being able to sleep again, which makes it manageable; and it's a lot of magazine work to do, but not especially onerous work, and some of it is making me a better programmer and database designer.)

Apologies to the multitude of people to whom I owe email. Will try and get back to you soon.

I also have a whole bunch of blog entries I want to write, but who knows when that'll happen.

(Added later: Btw, my beard has mostly grown back.)

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