Still sick, still busy

I'm just about to reach the end of the third week of this cold. It keeps looking like it's about to be over, and then coming back. A week ago, I had 24 hours with no coughing, and then had a 20-minute coughing fit.

Yesterday, I was feeling almost all better, despite occasional coughs and sneezes. Today, groggy and coughing and muzzyheaded again.

But still not nearly as bad as what Mary Anne has, which sounds really awful.

Anyway. Still spending almost all of my time outside of work on magazine stuff—keeping up with huge volume of submissions (we've hit the submission cap every day but one so far this year, though it's happening later and later in the day), adding long-delayed features to the database, etc.

Occasional bits of socializing and/or TV mixed in (am watching Wiseguy while entering subs into database, for example), but mostly my life for the past three weeks has involved magazine stuff, being sick, and day job.

But when I hear about what's going on elsewhere, what with weather and floods and serious sickness and bombs and so on, I really can't complain; as usual, the problems I've got are privileged-people problems.

Will likely continue to blog sporadically at best for a while yet.

P.S.: My last entry, a week ago, was just a draft, not intended for publication yet, but I apparently somehow clicked the Publish button instead of the Save Draft button. Haven't had a chance to go through it and clean up any infelicities or other problems; at this point, may just leave it as-is.

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