Help marriage equality in Maryland

Maryland could achieve marriage equality in the next couple months.

Details follow. But in case you're short on time, I'll cut to the chase: if you want to help the cause financially, go donate to Equality Maryland. (You don't have to live in Maryland, but maybe you do have to live in the US; I'm not sure about that.)

Background, current status, and forthcoming action:

The Maryland state legislature is considering a same-sex marriage bill right now. News reports are saying that the vote is going to be close in the state Senate: they need twenty-four votes to pass the bill, and they've got twenty confirmed, with six state Senators remaining undecided or not publicly saying how they'll vote.

If the bill passes the Senate, it's expected to pass in the state House of Delegates, and the new governor has said he'll sign it.

So getting through the Senate is, for now, the hard part.

At the moment, the bill is in the Judicial Proceedings Committee, which seems likely to send it to a vote of the full Senate. (That's a lovely article, featuring a couple of state Senators who used to oppose marriage equality but have come around to supporting it.)

But there are no guarantees. The committee is holding a public hearing this coming Tuesday, February 8. If you are a Marylander who supports marriage equality, consider signing up to attend the hearing.

Also, February 14 will be Equality Maryland Lobby Day, featuring a rally at the state house and meetings with legislators.

But NOM and other groups are, of course, fighting to stop marriage equality in Maryland.

So if you want to help pass marriage equality in Maryland, consider donating some money and/or time to Equality Maryland.

(Disclaimer: I'm not in any way affiliated with EQMD.)

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