Considering changing blog name to Placeholder Blog

I feel like I haven't posted much of anything substantial here, except for one entry that was an accident and that I hadn't intended to publish yet, in over a month.

Partly that's mullygrubs. Been kind of down about a bunch of stuff lately.

Partly it's being sick and tired. This cold has lasted a full month and counting. The past week or two it's been mostly gone, just a couple of brief bouts of coughing a day—but Saturday morning, I woke up to an extended coughing fit after only a few hours of sleep, and by the end of the day was so tired that I had to skip a friend's birthday party. (I got all ready to go, and then realized that I wasn't going to be able to stay awake for an hour's drive each way.)

Partly it's feeling like I don't have a lot I want to blog about lately; I kind of got out of the habit. That's probably not really true; there are always dozens of things I want to write about. But there've been half a dozen times in the past week when I've thought I could post a blog entry and then I've thought Nah, not worth the effort.

(Added later: have also been feeling like the kinds of stuff I wanted to blog about is kind of trivial compared to World Events lately (floods, revolutions, that kind of thing) and other people's personal-scale events (such as a couple of friends losing parents recently).)

Partly it's continued busyness. Until this past Friday, there was only one day this month that we didn't hit our submission cap at SH. I've been reading about 25-30 stories a week, and have continued to try to improve our story-tracking database in my copious free time.

(Added later: Despite everything, was remarkably productive this weekend: got through nearly 40 items on to-do list. Still dozens of tasks left to do, of course, but still, that's a lot more than I usually manage.)

Speaking of free time, there's been a little socializing, but not much. But I have made a bunch of new acquisitions: an HDTV; an Apple TV box; a PlayStation 3 (which can play Blu-Ray movies); a bunch of movies and TV shows on Blu-Ray and DVD; and some PS3 games.

Haven't tried the games (except the PS3 version of DDR), but have been watching a bunch of TV. Kam and I have continued with Lost (we've seen through episode 20 of season 1), and I've watched all 10 episodes of Huge from the iTunes Store, and I've started watching Wiseguy. I tend to do most of my TV watching while entering submissions into the database, which is a largely mindless task that some day I will automate, or while accepting and rejecting SH forum signups. (I suspect they're 99% spam, but I try to accept any that look even vaguely plausibly like real humans.)

(Side note: Not counting TV shows, I'm now down to fewer than 50 movies on my Netflix list. If I see a movie a week, I'll be all out of movies to watch by the end of the year.)

Am making travel and convention plans. Seattle mid-February for my cousin's wedding. Was considering joining Kam's family for a Hawaiʻi trip in early March, but am currently pretty dubious about the likelihood of that. (And it's the same weekend as Potlatch.) The weekend after that is FOGcon in San Francisco (to be attended by various people I'm looking forward to seeing).

Early April, will be visiting Pennsylvania. Travel plans get hazier after that, though I will be attending WisCon.

Haven't been doing a lot of pleasure reading. Read one romance novel that I wasn't thrilled with, and am continuing on a couple of books I started last year (including the Potlatch book of honor, Earth Abides), and starting Solitaire, which I've been meaning to read for years. I've been intending for a month or two to put together a post listing all the books I read last year (because I kept track, for the first time ever), but haven't gotten my act together on that yet.

I guess the summary of all of the above is that things continue apace, and that I'm very sleepy.

Perhaps more in a couple of days. Or perhaps not. Looks like it's been over eight days since my last entry; that may be somewhere close to a record for time-between-entries for me. Too sleepy to do a database check to find out for sure.

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  1. Dan P

    Isn’t that your (implied) title already?

    (sorry–sometimes cheeky is easier than sympathetic. I hear you.)


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