Missing comments?

Just discovered that a comment on my blog from Ted the other day got marked as spam by the TypePad anti-spam system.

I do look at comments that get held for moderation, but I don't generally look at comments that get marked as spam—I'm getting somewhere on the order of 2000 a day. So I would never have known about Ted's comment if he hadn't dropped me a note to let me know it had gone missing.

So if you post a comment in my blog and it doesn't appear immediately, can't hurt to ping me to let me know about it.

Apologies to Ted—I think this is the first time that TypePad anti-spam has let me down. Mostly it's been very good about catching spam, as far as I can tell.

This kind of thing is exactly why I was nervous about using an automated spam filter. But the alternative is to go back to sorting through a couple thousand pieces of comment spam a day by hand—which is to say, the alternative is really to stop allowing comments on my blog.

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