Some pleasing things

When there's bad stuff going on (such as—to pick some examples that are of very different kinds and scales—the situation in Libya, the earthquake in New Zealand, the political stuff in Wisconsin, and Mary Anne's house nearly burning down), I'm always a little reluctant to post happy cheerful stuff; it feels a little disrespectful. (I'm not saying others shouldn't do it; just reporting my own gut reaction to the prospect of my doing it.)

But I have nonetheless been pleased by a bunch of things in the past 24 hours or so, also on a wide range of topics and scales. I may post more about some of these later, but some quick examples for now:

  • Obama and the Justice Department have declared that they believe section 3 of DOMA is unconstitutional and they will no longer defend that section in certain courts. That's not the whole battle, but it's a huge huge step forward. Wonderful news. (For some of the nuances, see Andrew Sullivan's analysis.) Meanwhile, some US legislators are trying to repeal DOMA.
  • If all goes well, Discovery will be launching this afternoon.
  • The Nebula nominees have been announced. There are a remarkable number of female authors on the list, and (I think) a remarkable number of authors who debuted in the past five or ten years. (Haven't had a chance to look at historical numbers on the latter point.) Also a pleasing number of authors we've published, though no stories we published.
  • I finished reading Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer's Wild Ride, and I enjoyed it a fair bit. It has some flaws, and it's not among my top five favorite Crusie books, but it's the first of her collaborations that I've really liked (and that's felt stylistically internally consistent to me).
  • Apple has released a new model of MacBook Pro.
  • I've seen a bunch of cute animal photos and videos lately, but I think I'll post those in a separate post, sometime in the next day or two.
  • Maryland continues to inch closer to marriage equality.

. . . While I'm here, a cute exchange from an interview with the executive director of GOProud:

Q: Just how challenging is it to be gay and conservative today?

A: It’s sometimes hard to get a date!

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