Visits, a wedding, and other updates

Somehow in the past couple weeks' worth of entries here I've managed to completely neglect to mention seeing Tempest and then Sumana in close succession about three weeks ago, and Catherine O visiting a couple days ago. Things have been a bit of a blur lately.

It was good to see all y'all; come back soon!

Most of the rest of my time over the past couple weeks was devoted to (a) being sick, (b) finishing up a project at work (docs for the first release of the Native Client SDK), and (c) doing magazine stuff.

(Somewhere in there, Kam and I finished watching season 1 of Lost; I wrote up some notes that I haven't managed to post yet. Have also almost reached the end of season 1 of Wiseguy, which I'm watching while I enter submissions into the database.)

This past weekend, I flew up to Seattle for my cousin's wedding.

I almost missed it. I flew up the night before (ran into Diana S in the airport), and stayed at the Larkspur Landing in Bellevue as usual. On Saturday, I left the hotel in plenty of time, but Google Maps told me to turn right from a freeway exit where there was no turn to take. I got off onto surface streets and recalculated; it told me to get on 99 North. Which was blocked off due to construction. I spent ten minutes crawling along the waterfront from one red light to another, then shifted a block inland; all was fine until a couple minutes later, when I spent roughly ten to fifteen minutes going half a block, because there were a lot of pedestrians crossing at the corner due to some kind of memorial gathering in a park. Eventually got to the church about eight minutes late; the processional was over, but the ceremony proper was just beginning. Whew.

And it was a lovely ceremony. I relaxed almost immediately. The bride and groom looked great, the church was a nice one, the minister seemed to me to hit the right mix of solemnity and happiness, and everything went smoothly.

Afterward, I spent the reception hanging out and chatting with family. There were also a large number of people I didn't know, but I was conserving social energy so I didn't try to meet them. I also didn't manage to say anything to the bride—I kept seeing her off in the middle distance talking with people—but did congratulate the groom and his parents. And it was lovely to see everyone, and my cousin M (sister of the groom) gave an excellent toast.

Well worth attending; glad I went. Congratulations again to J and E!

Another night at the hotel (it feels a little weird to stay there given the multitude of family in the area who've offered me places to stay, but it's also nice to have space that's completely my own and very quiet/restful), and then I spent much of Sunday with Debby & John and their kids, which was also great. We had brunch at Pete's Egg Nest, as we've done most times I've visited for the past ten years or so; good food, very friendly staff. We played a bit of Dominion (I suppose it's not so surprising that Rose, age 8, was pretty good at it, but I was impressed at how good David was for a 5-year-old), and went to the park, and chatted.

Apologies to all the Seattlites who I didn't manage to see. Hoping to make it back up there later in the year; maybe I'll stop by a Clarion party or something.

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