Good birthday

I woke up this morning to find a couple dozen “happy birthday” notes waiting for me on Facebook. That was a great way to start the day. Even if I didn't like Facebook for any other reason, I would like it as a means of delivering birthday greetings.

Some friends say they find the barrage of mini birthday greetings on Facebook impersonal and artificial and annoying, and I can see how it could feel that way. But me, I love it. Every couple of hours, I would wander by Facebook again and there would be another couple dozen little notes—some just saying “Happy birthday!”, others a bit more personal. I was pleased by all of them. They made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I think there ended up being something like a hundred of them.

There were also notes in email, and one on my blog, and one hand-written on paper. And a couple of phone calls. I very much appreciated all of the greetings and good wishes from everyone. Thank you all.

Oh, and the weather suddenly improved. There's been a lot of rain around here lately, but today it was delightful warm sunshine in a perfect California blue sky. I took a picture of a palm frond against that blue-sky background, and posted it to Facebook with the caption “It's a sky-blue sky” (which is half of a quote from Laurie Anderson).

And then in the evening there was Indian food, and skimming through Nausicaa to watch the flight scenes on an HDTV, and soaking in a hot tub. And now I'm kind of dazed and sleepy and relaxed and happy.

So I think I'm off to bed. But I wanted to stop by here first, just to thank you all for a lovely day.

I will continue to count the rest of the week as my birthday week. But the pressure's pretty much off the rest of the week; I had about a week's worth of good birthday stuff today.

Oh, one last thing: Happy birthday also to Jessica E, David H, Theo P, and Wendy B! And, why not, to Lady Gaga as well; didn't know until today that it's her birthday too. Hope you all had excellent birthdays too.

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