Birthday week commences

Tomorrow is my birthday!

I started getting happy-birthday notes a couple days ago, which initially startled and confused me, but then pleased me. (Thanks, all!) For the past few years, I've been declaring the week around my birthday to be my birthday week, so it made perfect sense that people would send me early notes; I just wasn't expecting it.

As has been true the past couple years, I haven't really made birthday-week plans, but I imagine things will develop over the course of the week.

I suppose I can say birthday week started last night, when Laura and I went to see The King's Speech, which I adored, though as usual with movies lately I would've liked to have seen more women with stronger roles. (And btw, if you haven't seen it yet and want to see it in the US with all swearing intact, you'd better go before Friday, when the version in theatres will be replaced by a PG-13 version with less swearing. I can't really imagine how that could work. I'm still hoping this is some kind of April Fool's joke, but I doubt it is.)

Today, my exciting birthday activities will consist of trying to catch up on my vast backlog of magazine tasks.

Tomorrow evening, hanging out with Kam at some point. Perhaps Ethiopian food.

No specific plans Tuesday through Thursday, other than day job and the weekly SH editorial meeting. And maybe this week I'll try to start biking to work again.

Friday, I'm getting on a plane to Pennsylvania. Going to see Stephanie in Lancaster for a few days (we'll be attending a live production of Sweeney Todd), then I'm off to Swarthmore for a SWIL reunion. (My college sf club.)

Had originally hoped to finally go to the new California Academy of Sciences this week, and/or try indoor skydiving again, but I don't think I'll manage either of those this week. Perhaps after I get back from PA.

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  1. okrablossom

    Happy Birthday, Jed!

    Mary Alexandra Agner


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