Impending WisCon!

Sumana just asked me how long I'd been going to WisCon, and I realized I wasn't sure. Checked my old email and found that the first one I attended was in 2000. Mary Anne had gone in 1999 and I think earlier as well, and had told me about it, and that summer we were preparing for the launch of the magazine, so I attended. Apparently I was there for less than 48 hours.

So that would make this year my twelfth consecutive WisCon.

Here are abbreviated descriptions of the panels I'm going to be on this year:

Reading With a Squint: Addressing Prejudice in Editorial Choices (Sat, 4:00-5:15)
Studies have shown that gender bias plays a part in editorial choices. And yet, with writers who have distinctive voices, it may be impossible to overlook gender when making choices. How can editors attempt to read without regard to gender? Are there other ways to compensate for gender bias, and how are they best implemented?
Sciency Fiction (Sun, 10:00-11:15 am)
What do you call fiction that has a lot of science but (gasp!) nothing speculative? Some call it LabLit, but not all science happens in labs. We propose the term "sciency fiction" to differentiate it from science fiction.

Also, of course, I will be at the Strange Horizons tea party on Sunday afternoon.

And as usual I expect to attend readings and a few panels and the dessert salon/GoH speech and part of the Tiptree auction.

I was particularly looking forward to the reading featuring Ben, David M, Meghan, Amal, Geoff Ryman, and Jen V, but it turns out it's going to overlap with the tea party. :( Foo.

I'm also sad that various friends who usually attend the con won't be there this year.

I am intrigued by the Genderfloomp Dance Party on Sunday night, which SH is co-sponsoring, but I doubt I'll be there for more than a few minute; I like the genderfloomp part, but am not so interested in the dance party aspect.

For once, I won't be around for the SignOut on Monday; instead, am heading off to Chicago with Mary Anne, Ben, and Alex. (Ben has to catch a flight.)

I'll then spend a couple days in Chicago visiting M, then hop on a plane to Philadelphia for Alumni Weekend at Swarthmore. Then home.

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  1. chronodm

    Aw, this means no waltz, doesn’t it?


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