Mini-Review: The Lost Thing (short film)

I've been reading and watching the Hugo nominees, and just got to the 15-minute-long movie The Lost Thing, based on Shaun Tan's picture book. I'm guessing a fair number of people have seen it already, seeing as how it won an Oscar for for Best Animated Short Film, but I hadn't been aware of it.

It turns out to be fun and charming and delightfully odd, merging the whimsical strangeness of Tan's fictional world with a nicely human story. I'm a little dubious about the subtext (as I see it) of the resolution of the story, but I can forgive that.

I particularly like all the neat odd little background details. I may watch it again to pick up more of them.

For about US$2, you can watch it online at (or so I gather), or you can buy it from iTunes. (US$3 for the HD version.)

You can also buy it on DVD for $30, which seems like a lot, but the DVD comes with assorted DVD extras and an exclusive 48-page hardcover book titled What Miscellaneous Abnormality Is That?. (Presumably an abridged version of the large book by that title that appears in the movie.) I'm almost tempted to buy the DVD just for the book.

Anyway, if you haven't seen the movie, I recommend it, regardless of whether you're voting in the Hugos.

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