The portal in the basement

I think it was the first night of WisCon when I had this dream:

Mary Anne and I (and someone else, I forget who) were visiting Debbie and Alan, and we wandered down into their basement. And it turned out they had a secret time portal there.

The portal led back to an idyllic prehistoric human community. (On waking up, I realized that the prehistoric humans were caucasian, and dressed in sort of generic-faux-medieval-European leather tunics. My subconscious apparently doesn't know much about prehistory.) We went through the portal and chatted with the friendly locals. In English, iIrc.

There was also something about telepathic contact with the worldwide community of peaceful idyllic prehistoric white people, but I disremember the details.

Anyway, the two things I was most amused by later, and the main reasons I'm posting this, were these:

  • There were also aliens. It turned out that someone had taken powerful radio and/or TV transmitters into the distant past to broadcast 20th/21st-century media to the stars (even in the dream, this didn't sound to me like something Debbie and Alan would do). The idea was that if aliens live a couple thousand light years away, it makes sense to send signals to them from the past, so that we don't have to wait a few thousand years from today for them to respond and/or come visit.
  • When I woke up, my first thought was that I should write up this dream and post it as a blog entry. My second thought was something like: “Wait, no, maybe I shouldn't, because if Debbie and Alan really do have a secret time portal in their basement, then they might be upset that I told people about it.”

(I checked with Debbie later, and she assured me that they don't actually have a secret time portal in their basement. I believe her. But then again, I might be just telling y'all that to make you think there's no portal.)

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