Bay Area electrician recommendation

A couple of months ago, I finally got around to calling an electrician to deal with about a dozen small electrical problems around my house.

Based on a recommendation, I called Gurries Electric, and I'd now like to add my own recommendation.

Two of their electricians, Luis and Anthony, showed up at the appointed time. They were friendly and helpful; they fixed all the problems on my list quickly and skillfully; they even did things like move a couple of bookcases (full of books) to get at an outlet. And they didn't mock me when I made a couple of really obvious mistakes, like when I thought a light switch was broken but it was really just a burned-out bulb in a light that I hadn't noticed.

They moved an oddly placed light switch to the other side of a wall. They diagnosed and fixed an issue in which an outlet I didn't know about was causing two other outlets to not work properly. They climbed on ladders. They labeled my circuit-breaker box. They checked and fixed everything I asked them to. They provided useful answers to my questions. They had all the parts they needed with them.

I was pleased and impressed, and I've been meaning to post about them ever since, but didn't get around to it until now.

So if you live around here and you're looking for an electrician, I highly recommend them. I'm not sure how far their service area extends, but their website says “the entire Bay Area.”

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