My WorldCon panel schedule

Here are the panels I'll be on at WorldCon:

Sat 10:00-11:00: Web Publishing and the Future of Magazines (A16, RSCC)
What is the future of magazine publishing? How will genre magazines both reach their audience and remain going concerns? We examine a mix of different present models, from the mostly print to the purely web-based, and look at what the future might bring.
Panelists: Mike Ward (M), Lee Harris, Mark R. Kelly, Gordon Van Gelder, Jed Hartman, Stephen H. Segal
[My pet name for this panel: Six white guys talking about the future!]
Sat 11:00-12:00: A Quarter Century (and more) of Science Fiction and Gender
Literature and art reflect, anticipate, and perhaps influence the direction and scope of societial change. How has SF and fantasy influenced and reflected the changes in gender and gender roles over the past 25 years? As we look back to the work of writers such as Ursula Le Guin and Joanna Russ in the sixties and seventies, what can we say about their impact and that of their heirs today?
Panelists: Jo Walton (M), Joan Slonczewski, Joan D. Vinge, Pat Rothfuss, Jed Hartman
[Based on the panel description and panelists, I think we can conclude that four out of five women in sf have names beginning with “Jo.”]
Sun 13:00-14:00: Feminism in Science Fiction and SF Fandom (C1, RSCC)
Feminism and feminist themes are an integral part of SF and Fantasy. There is major annual feminist SF&F convention (Wiscon). Last year The Secret Feminist Cabal: A Cultural History of Science Fiction Feminisms was published. What role does feminism play in modern day science fiction and fandom, and how is that role traceable to the seventies and before?
Panelists: Renée Sieber (M), Ellen Klages, Joan D. Vinge, Naamen Tilahun, Jed Hartman
[I'm hoping to read, or at least skim, Merrick's book before the con. Chapters 2 and 3 are available for free online, as a PDF.]

I'm amused that I'm starting on a panel of all white guys and ending on one where I'm the token white guy.

Speaking of which: if anyone who isn't a white guy has any opinions about web publishing and the future of magazines, we don't want to hear it Wait, I mean tell me so I can speak on your behalf, claiming to represent you No, that's not right either. How's this: I hope you'll come to the panel and participate from the audience.

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