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I think I've neglected to explicitly link here to my Google+ account, where I've been posting an average of about once a day.

(Last time I mentioned G+, I got at least one “What's that?” response, so in case anyone doesn't know about it: it's Google's new social networking site. See the demo page to get a sense of what it's like.)

I don't intend to give up my blog, and at some point I hope to find a good way to link my blog, my G+ account, my Twitter account, and my Facebook account. (Though I rarely post directly to Facebook. I could also mention my LJ and Dreamwidth accounts, but I never post directly to those.)

But so far, despite my concerns about the name policy, I'm liking G+, and I'm finding it a convenient place to post lightweight stuff that's longer than 140 characters.

Almost everything I post there is public, so you don't need a G+ account to read stuff there if you don't want one. If you do want an account and you don't have one yet, let me know and I'll send you an invite.

2 Responses to “Google+ posts”

  1. maryanne.mohanraj

    Did you change your commenting framework, so that you have to sign in before you put anything in the text box to post? Because I found that DEEPLY annoying, so much so that I almost didn’t leave a comment — for anyone else, I wouldn’t have. It’s irrational that it bothers me, because I would have been fine with the reverse (typing my comment first, and then signing in pre-posting). But wanted you to know.

    • Jed

      Yeah, I changed to this system a few months ago.

      It’s unfortunately necessary; the gigantic volume of spam I was receiving made comments completely unmanageable. Hundreds or thousands of spam comments a day. I hate making people sign in at all, but I don’t know of any way around it.

      I wouldn’t want to let people type a comment before they sign in, because then if signing in fails, they’ve lost their comment.

      Anyway, I was getting almost no non-spam comments here even before the change; pretty much all of the comments I get have been on Facebook for quite a while now.


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