Addiction is…

For no particular reason, I wandered by tonight, and then remembered that it had been taken down. But most of it is still available at the Internet Archive, and it's the best writing about addiction that I've encountered. I linked to it years ago in passing, but figured it was worth another link.

The links to the other pages are down at the bottom of that main page. A few of them are broken, but most still work.

. . . It is probably inevitable that someone reading this entry will wonder what deep dark subtext there is in my linking to that site, so I should explicitly note that there isn't any. This is not a cry for help and I'm not aiming this at anyone in particular; I'm just linking to some really powerful writing.

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    I’d never seen that before. I think it was really cool. And I think it did a good job of calling attention to all the little (and big) compromises you make in order to use various substances.

    However, the way it conflated pot, alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine felt a little weird to me. I mean, clearly that’s one man’s (woman’s?) experience of those substances, but it’s definitely not mine, and I don’t think it’s how most addicts think about things either (for one thing, AA meetings are rife with smoking and coffee-drinking).

    ~Rahul K.

    • Jed

      Yeah, that conflation did surprise me a little. But it’s definitely primarily focused on the author’s experience, although there are also attempts at universalizing. …I say “the author’s experience,” but I don’t actually know that; it could well have been a mix of true and fictional. But given some other stuff on the site, I suspect it’s at least mostly true.

      Did you look at the other pages? I think most of those are a little more clearly specific to a person; again, I don’t know for sure whether any of them are true/nonfiction, but I suspect they all are.


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