The other morning:

If I had eaten delicious fresh avocado with breakfast but hadn't seen flowers, it would have been enough.

If I had seen the lovely little blue and purple flowers that Twig planted around the trees in my front yard but hadn't felt sunlight, it would have been enough.

If I had felt perfect warm California sunshine suffusing my skin and turning the drive to work into a sort of golden glow but hadn't heard music, it would have been enough.

And then I listened to some cheerful music that I like, thereby pleasing four out of five senses in the span of about ten minutes. (Perhaps I should've stopped to smell the flowers!)

An excellent way to start the day.

The rest of the day wasn't as good, but it was enough. And it would've been hard to top the beginning part anyway. I'm awfully lucky, and privileged, to have all this.

(I gather that “dayenu” is plural (“it would have been enough for us,” says Wikipedia), but I don't know what the singular is.)

One Response to “Dayenu”

  1. ed.blachman

    The singular would be “dayeni”. But nobody ever says that — it would be like me as a sports fan talking about having been to four football “stadia” (as opposed to stadiums, of course) in my life.


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