New Cat Faber album!

Cat Faber (formerly of Echo's Children) has released her first album in some time: The King's Lute. If you follow that link, you can listen to all twenty of the songs online for free, and you can buy the album, either as a $12 download (in any of a dizzying variety of audio formats) or as a $20 CD. Or for $1 a track if you don't want the whole thing.

I bought the download version of the whole album. (Got it in Apple Lossless format, because why not?) Have only listened to bits and pieces so far, but like what I've heard quite a bit.

My two favorites so far are “Common Ground” and “Art Feeds Life.” A stanza from the latter::

Art feeds life and life feeds art

And art feeds life, but you know you need

Guts and brains to follow your heart

Into the life you dared to start

And the dreams that sometimes make you bleed.

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