Super-cute kitten of the desert

Kam is back from Burning Man (yay!), and she tells me that someone there found a nearly-newborn kitten in the engine compartment of their car. Apparently a feral cat had given birth there a couple days earlier, unbeknownst to the car's owners, and the kitten survived the trip.

(Well, there were two kittens, and only one of them made it, sadly. But even one of them surviving the drive from Orange County to Black Rock City is pretty amazing.)

The Burners named the kitten “Moop,” which is Burnerese for “matter out of place” (Burners are strongly opposed to leaving anything behind on the playa when they go home). And now Moop has her own web page, and she is super cute.

Follow the link for photos and videos, and updates on her progress. A veterinarian has declared her to be healthy; so far, things are looking good for her future.

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