Things I did tonight:

  • Updated my to-do list. (A necessary first step, given how out-of-date it was.)
  • Did laundry.
  • Paid my phone bill.
  • Got plane tickets to ICFA.
  • Reserved a WorldCon hotel room.
  • Got WorldCon plane tickets.
  • Got plane tickets for my uncle's wedding in April.
  • Made tentative WisCon travel plans. (Found flights, didn't buy tickets yet.)
  • Gave serious consideration to attending a Clarion West one-day workshop in Seattle this spring.
  • Sent assorted emails relating to various of those events.

I feel all virtuous. Especially given that my usual approach to buying plane tickets is to wait until about a week before the scheduled travel, in an increasing state of panicked inertia, and then pay way too much for them.

It seems likely that I'll return to that mode next time I need to make travel plans. (Like when I decide whether to attend Alumni Weekend this year.) But for now, I'm going to relish the temporary virtuousness.

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