Conversation(s) With Other Women Blu-ray: Not Canadian

I've been trying to find the very interesting movie Conversation(s) With Other Women on Blu-ray for a while. This post is to let other people know the information I wish I'd been able to find.

The short answer is that, as far as I can tell, there is no US or Canadian Region A Blu-ray release.

There's a Region B version from Germany that has language options for German and English, but I can't play Region B discs, and anyway I'm enough of a monolingual Anglophone snob that I want a disc on which English is the primary language.

The US Amazon site also lists a mysterious Region A release from October of 2011. A site called Cinemasquid lists that release as being from Canada, and as being from a distributor called “Ais” that I couldn't find any information on. That listing gives the Amazon ID number B005P78TOM and the UPC number 4712771275780.

I bought the Region A disc from Best Buy a while back, via their website, but it turned out to be a Chinese version, so I returned it. But I continued to think there was a Canadian Region A release.

I found a couple of third-party sellers selling the Region A version via Amazon, so I contacted two of them and asked whether it was the Chinese version or not. Both of them said they had no idea, they didn't have access to their inventory for question-answering purposes, but that I could return it if unsatisfied.

So I bought it, and sure enough, it's the Chinese version. This time I compared UPC codes, and the UPC on the box matches the abovementioned one on Cinemasquid.

So I've now tentatively concluded that (a) there is no Canadian Blu-ray release, and (b) the 2011 release is the same Chinese version that was released in 2009. Certainly the cover matches.

So I'll return the Chinese version, and this'll have to languish on my list of movies not yet released on Blu-ray in English Region A. Not a disaster; the DVD is perfectly good. But I'm disappointed to have spent so much time and energy trying to find something that (as far as I can tell) turns out not to exist.

If I'm wrong, I'd love to know about it. So if any of you who read this entry know for certain that there is a Region A Blu-ray release in English, let me know.

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