Tempest for Fan Writer

I keep meaning to link to Tempest's post about her current awards eligibility. I'm sorry to say that I haven't yet read her 2012 fiction, but I have read some of her 2012 nonfiction, which has been good stuff as always.

And so I hereby recommend nominating K. Tempest Bradford for the Fan Writer Hugo.

Remember, Hugo nominations are due by March 10! That's this coming Sunday.

(In the current world of blogs and comments, of Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook and Dreamwidth and LJ and G+ and etc, an enormous number of people are writing good fan writings; I feel a little weird about singling out any one person. But I also feel like Tempest has written some particularly good stuff that has not seen a lot of recognition from Fandom at large. Hence, this recommendation. I reserve the right to single out other people in the future, or not to; but rather than try to work out some Grand Theory Of Who To Recommend, I'm just gonna toss in recommendations as/when they occur to me. Or, as in this case, several months later; I've been meaning to post this recommendation since well before Tempest's abovelinked entry.)

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