I still exist

I seem to have mostly dropped off this blog for for the past two or three weeks, and I hadn't posted a life update for a while before that.

The big-picture version of what's been up with me:

A couple weeks ago, I attended an anniversary celebration and then attended WisCon. I had a good time with new friends and old. I was on two really good panels and one okay one. It continued to be a little weird to be at a convention without being an Editor.

After WisCon, I spent most of a week in Chicago; saw Stephanie, then stayed with Mary Anne and her family for several days. Was nice. Next year, thinking of staying in Chicago for a couple weeks post-WisCon.

Came home a week ago, and have been drifting through the days in a sort of a dazed haze. Have had about four to five hours' sleep almost every night for about three weeks now, with a couple of nights of six; I'm functioning okay, but had to resort to caffeine on three consecutive days this past week (I normally don't drink it at all). I seem to still be more or less on Chicago time, waking up around 6 a.m. most days, having a hard time keeping my eyes open after around 11 p.m.

I've been going through some interesting paradigm shifts and potential changes of self-definition lately. At some point I'll talk about them. Among other things, at WisCon I danced in public (party dancing, not waltzing or English dancing), while wearing a skirt, despite having told people all my life that I don't dance. (I'm working on a longer post about this.) And I've recently obtained several new items of clothing—sandals, shoelaces, shorts, swimsuit, messenger-ish bag, shirt—in styles that I've always strongly resisted in the past. (Hoping to write about this soon too.)

I've been neglecting the art class, and haven't made any progress on my novel since before WisCon, and haven't done much Duolingo in a couple weeks. But this past week I walked to work a couple times, and I've been reading (finally finished a nonfiction book I started reading a year ago, and started reading a couple new fiction books), and watching Scandal and Dr. Who. And the handyman came (with his daughter/apprentice) and fixed a bunch of longstanding issues around the house. So there's been some progress. Oh, and I've been helping Mary Anne set up various email-related things for Jaggery.

My approximate plans for this weekend: A roleplaying game via video chat; watching the Tony Awards with Lori; the long-delayed art assignment; make some progress on paper-sorting and boxes in garage; try to get some writing done; try to sleep.

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