Bad news

I'm very sorry to say that my closest colleague at work, Sara G, has died.

I'm not mentioning her full name here, because she was a very private person. I'm giving part of her name because I know that some of you knew her, and I didn't want to leave anyone guessing about who I'm talking about. If you hadn't already heard through other channels, I apologize for breaking the news to you this way. If you have questions, feel free to send me email, or a message in some other private channel.

I may write more about her at some point, or I may not. For now, this is just a marker, an acknowledgment of her death.

(She died on Monday; I found out Tuesday night; I intended to post this note Wednesday morning, but didn't manage it until now.)

I'm not coping very well. I'm taking a couple of days off of work. So far, I haven't been wanting any kind of interaction; not up for talking, not wanting to see anyone, staying mostly offline. I imagine that will change, but for now it's been a private sort of grief.

(See also the Facebook thread for this post.)

2 Responses to “Bad news”

  1. eclectic-boy

    When you want to talk with someone, I’ll be all ears except for the part that’s shoulder.

    Until then, condolences and strengthening thoughts.

  2. carpenter

    Oh, i’m sorry. Take care of yourself, and, yeah, if you need anything that is a kind of thing i can do, let me know.

    Lots of hugs.


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