Hugos results: Pro Artist

I have many thoughts about the outcome of the Hugos (I'm overall very happy with the results, even though my favorites didn't win in some categories; I'm even happy to have been wrong about various things), and especially many thoughts about the detailed numbers. But for now just one note:

As far as I can tell, last night Julie Dillon became the first woman to win a solo Hugo in the Pro Artist category. The only previous woman to win was Diane Dillon, as half of the team of Leo and Diane Dillon, in 1971, over forty years ago.

That imbalance is arguably slightly mitigated by the fact that a total of only nineteen people have ever won, in the entire fifty-nine-year history of the award; the same few artists tend to get nominated and win over and over. But even so, that means that only two women have won out of nineteen total winners.

(See also my comments from a few months ago about women nominated for this award.)

More about the Hugos to follow sometime soon.

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