Nominate for next year’s Hugos!

Reminder to all of you who voted in this year's Hugos: When the time comes, you can nominate for next year's Hugos for free. (If you want to vote in next year's Hugos, you'll need a membership in next year's WorldCon.)

So as you read and watch and listen to stuff this year, take notes on the best work you encounter. And spread the word about it—if other people don't know about it, they can't nominate it.

Blog about your favorites, tweet about them, join the hugo-recommend LiveJournal community. If you're a member of NESFA, add works and people to the NESFA 2014 Hugo recommendations page. And keep track of what you liked, so that you can remember it all when it comes time to nominate, which will probably be January 2015.

A few nominating votes can make a big difference. A friend of mine was one of the 43 people who nominated John Chu's story “The water that falls on you from nowhere” this year; if there had been one fewer nominating vote, that story wouldn't have made the ballot, and thus wouldn't have won the Hugo. That's an unusual situation, but still; if you like something you encounter this year, please nominate it for next year.

You don't have to be familiar with the whole field to nominate. Just nominate works and people that you would like to see win a Hugo.

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