The Song and the guy named Jed

I have no idea whether the new movie The Song is worth seeing, but I was mildly intrigued by the premise. The plot is that an aspiring songwriter becomes a star because of a song he writes for his wife, but the intriguing part is that it's explicitly based on the life of Solomon. I watched the trailer and was slightly amused by the fact that the protagonist is the son of a guy named “David King”; which made me think, huh, I wonder if the protagonist's name is Solomon King. And then it turns out his name is Jed.

Which makes total sense. My parents always told me that “Jedediah” was King Solomon's name before he changed it to Solomon; more precisely, “Jedidiah” (usually spelled with an i in the middle instead of an e) was the name that the prophet Nathan told David and Bathsheba to call their son (2 Samuel 12:24), though apparently they had already named him Solomon at that point. (See also a page on the meaning and etymology of Jedidiah.)

So it's perfectly reasonable for the character in the movie to be named Jed. But it nonetheless startled and amused me.

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