Con report: WorldCon 2014/LonCon 3, part 1

I already posted about the day before WorldCon, and the first day of the con, but it looks like I never posted this mini summary of the rest of the con.


Some of the best things about the con and the day before it, in no particular order:

  • Going down the Thames in a riverboat at sunset.
  • Seeing Antony and Cleopatra in the Globe.
  • Seeing people I like.
  • Attending three great readings in a row.
  • Being on two great panels and one good one.
  • Tasty vegetarian samosas at a food stand called Mint Leaves.
  • Several of the Hugo wins, especially Ancillary Justice.
  • Quasi-swing-dancing at the Retro Hugos.
  • Time with Mary Anne.


Some of the least-good things about the con and the day before it:

  • Mary Anne being sick.
  • Long tired walks with luggage.
  • A splainy guy in the audience of our Bechdel Test panel.

...Which is to say, nothing particularly bad happened to me specifically, and aside from Mary Anne being sick, I didn't even personally see anything all that bad or unpleasant or annoying. I know that some things happened to others, though.

I keep thinking I'll write up the rest of the con in more detail, but the more time goes on, the less likely that is. So no promises, but there are various things I'd still like to write about. And I'd also still like to write about the rest of the UK trip. We'll see.

(Wrote most of this entry on September 1, but didn't manage to post it 'til now.)

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