Useful source of digital assets, including background music

I recently encountered two videos that contained background music that I liked, and learned that both pieces of music were published on AudioJungle, the audio section of Envato Market, which licenses all sorts of digital materials for use in creative projects.

So, for example, if you're making a video, you can search AudioJungle, find a piece of background music you like, and pay the creator for the use of that music. Nifty!

The two specific pieces I especially liked were the epic bagpipes of “Brave Scotland,” by onnecrezee, and the cheerful catchy a cappella “Easy Step,” by soundroll. I've downloaded both to listen to for my own use; there doesn't seem to be a way to buy tracks for personal use, but there are free full-length “previews” available for download. I don't currently have any need to license these for my own projects, but thought some of y'all might like them.

Hee! I just finally figured out that the odd spoken phrase that recurs in both preview tracks is someone saying “AudioJungle.” A kind of audio watermarking. Nicely done.

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