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How to fix missing WordPress dropdowns

A while back, someone noticed that the dropdowns in the main navigation menu at Jaggery had stopped working. You could still click department names in the menu to go to a department’s main page, but the menu wasn’t showing the sub-items that it was supposed to. After quite a bit of poking around, I eventually […]

Last chance to play old Flash games!

Flash Player will stop working at the end of the year. (It’s already been shut down in some browsers.) So if you want to revisit any old-favorite Flash games, now’s the time. For example, there’s the lovely flOw, made by (at least some of?) the same people who made Journey and Sky and Flower. Microbes […]

New sites up and running!

My new sites are settling into their new homes! Thanks again to Jeremy and Jenn of Clockpunk Studios, for doing a great job of redesigning the sites, and providing a lot of helpful handholding along the way. To see a list of the various sites, select the Sites menu from any page of any of […]