My back is still intermittently hurting. Sudden onset on Sunday afternoon for no apparent reason; saw a doctor Tuesday; it's been gradually getting better, and I've been doing the things the doctor recommended, so all's well, just means I'm a little slower than usual, both re physically moving around and re getting things done.

Sadly, this means no biking to work for me this week. Last week I biked to work on four consecutive days, after a couple of months of no biking; not this week. (In fact, the doctor thought the biking might have something to do with causing the back thing, though when the back pain started it had been 48 hours since my last bike ride.)

One funny bit: the doctor said something like “And do take the ibuprofen. I know some people just think 'Oh, it's going away on its own, I don't need to take that,' but if you leave it to go away on its own, it'll take a couple of weeks, whereas the ibuprofen, being an anti-inflammatory, will help it go away in a couple of days.” I was wryly amused that she had correctly guessed what I was thinking. And then yesterday I forgot to take ibuprofen; oops.

(PS: Please don't offer diagnoses or advice.)

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