Old Analog issues, free to a good home

I'm giving away about 170 back issues of Analog. Let me know if you're interested. Details follow.

My father had about 350 issues of digest-sized science fiction and fantasy magazines; I retrieved them from his house after his death.

About half of those are issues of Analog. The earliest-dated Analog issue is July 1966; the collection is sporadic through the '70s, but includes nearly every issue from the 1980s. Then it tapers off in the '90s, ending with 1994. (Plus one issue from 2000 and one from 2006.)

I'd like to give away these Analog issues to someone who would appreciate them, but the academic library that Kathleen talked with already has them, and iIrc used bookstores tend to have a hard time selling old sf magazines. And there's another factor that probably makes it harder: most of these issues have at least a little bit of soot on them, mostly on the spines. It would probably be feasible to remove most or all of the soot, but it would take a fair bit of work. (Kathleen has been removing soot from my father's books, but I gather that it's a bit harder to remove from magazines.)

All of the issues look fine and are intact and readable. But I think the soot means that libraries and bookstores are unlikely to want them.

So if you'd like a bunch of free old issues of Analog, let me know. I'll happily ship anywhere in the US. International may also be feasible.

My preference would be to keep the whole set together, not because it's a full set or collectible but just because I suspect it'll be even harder to find a taker if I create more gaps by handing out individual issues. However, if you want some subset (such as a full year's run, or even a single issue), let me know. Certainly if you want a single issue that I have two copies of, I'll be happy to give you one.

(Edited to add: The whole set would likely take up about three bookshelves in a bookcase. Call it roughly 90 shelf inches.)

I would prefer to give them to someone who would read or otherwise appreciate them; my intent here is not to have them used as an art project, or to have the covers cut off and the rest thrown away, or anything like that.

The catalog is available as a Google Sheets document. For the first couple dozen in the list, I added links to ISFDB entries, and occasional notes about famous authors listed on covers. I probably won't get around to doing that for the rest of the collection.

(Dates are given as the first day of the month indicated on the cover, for ease of spreadsheet sorting. Or the 15th, in cases like “mid-September” issues.)

If you have questions or are interested in some or all of the issues, let me know.

(I'm not yet giving away the non-Analog magazines; I'll post again if that changes.)

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