Updates: Knee, sleep, travel, books, etc

A few assorted life updates:

My knee injury
has continued to heal, but still very slowly. But at least the infection seems to be completely gone. After four weeks, the hole in the skin is finally down to about the size of a dime, and I think it's finally completely scabbed over. I've started covering it with a large Band-Aid rather a big gauze pad and an elastic bandage. I'm still not back to biking yet, but hoping to walk or bike to work next week.
has been weird lately. After many years of various forms of insomnia, in the last year or two I've reached the point of usually sleeping pretty well, usually for about six hours a night. But starting just before my last trip to Chicago, I spent a couple of weeks sleeping only four or five hours a night. I wasn't as wiped out during the days as I would have expected, but I think it added to my general tiredness. (It might've had to do with my sudden four-hour shift in sleep times, to fit better with Mary Anne's household and the time-zone difference; but it started before I left and continued after I went to Worldcon, which was in the Pacific time zone.) Since I got home from Worldcon, my sleep schedule has been getting back to normal, but even so, I'm still a little short on sleep lately.
Mary Anne's lumpectomy
is scheduled for mid-September, so I'll be heading back out to Chicago a week from now, for a week. Unfortunately, I suspect that I once again won't have time to see people who don't live in the immediate vicinity of Mary Anne's place. Someday maybe I'll do a Chicago trip and ask Mary Anne to host a party for all the Chicagoans I know, but that'll have to wait 'til Mary Anne's done with her treatment.
My father's books
are nearly all sootless now (thanks to Kathleen), so I've done a triage pass and put most of them onto my new bookcase. (Some day I will post bookcase photos here.) The bookcase isn't quite full yet, but I still have other books that aren't on it yet, not to mention all my tchotchkes and stuffed animals; it'll end up full sooner or later. I also have a stack of about a hundred “glance at before giving away” books, the ones that I want to spend a few minutes apiece on just to make sure I really don't want them.
Have watched a bunch of TV
lately, though intermittently. Almost done with season 1 of How to Get Away with Murder. Saw an episode each of Mr. Robot and The Last Ship and Killjoys; am intrigued by all of those. Saw an episode of BBC's The Musketeers, but it didn't do much for me. Saw three episodes of Silicon Valley; loved the remarkably accurate portrayal of the tech world (Hooli looks extremely familiar), disliked almost everything else about it.
Have returned to Duolingo
yet again. Am redoing lessons I did before, but that's good 'cause it's giving me a better grasp on things. Duolingo tells me I'm 47% fluent in Spanish, which is a silly thing to say (it even wants me to add that to my LinkedIn profile), but it's true that I have a much better grasp of Spanish grammar and basic vocabulary than I had a couple years ago.
This weekend
I'm hoping to spend some time relaxing at home and some time hanging out with Kam. I imagine we will at some point take Ruby to a dog park.

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