Books sorted

Project completed! A few months ago, when I did a culling pass on my books, I sorted about a hundred of them into a “glance over before giving away” category—books that I wasn't quite willing to discard without looking at, but that I was pretty sure I didn't actually want to read. I've now finished going through them all.

My original expectation was that I would spend about ten to fifteen minutes on each one, and that I would aim to look at about one a day. It turned out that some of them did take only ten minutes, but others took several days to decide on. The anthologies and short-story collections were generally the slowest, because I wanted to at least read the beginning and glance at the ending of each piece in the book. But as of this morning, I've finished deciding on all of them.

I ended up holding onto eight of the books—some because I decided I wanted to try to read them for real, some because I found something I wanted to keep in them. The rest are now on my giveaway shelves. There are now about 200 books (and a couple dozen VHS tapes and DVDs) on my giveaway shelves; I'll try and post a list sometime soon.

Next project: start working my way through the hundreds of books on my to-read shelves. A very daunting task; I'm hoping I can get myself to give up and start skimming anytime I find myself stuck halfway through a book, instead of my more common behavior of leaving the book sitting around in hopes that I'll regain interest.

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